Patchett House

I have certainly been surprised on investigations. In fact, it happens a lot, but seldom has a place been so surprisingly different over the course of two investigations. From a benign and relatively uneventful first visit, to literally a slam-bang, shocking second night several months later, the Patchett House in Montgomery, New York, presented a Tale of Two Investigations. If was the calmest of times, it was the most frightening of times, we had no photographic evidence, we captured some terrifying images…


    The Patchett House was an inn built around 1824. It became a private home in 1891, then in the 1970s it was a funeral home…and the embalming sinks still exist in the basement. When Mike, Barbara, and I were investigating, we heard a very loud crashing sound, but nothing was out of place. As we were hearing that sound upstairs, Mike’s motion-activated trail camera in the basement captured a creepy black shape in the embalming room. How many spirits walk the halls of the Patchett House, and did we make them angry?




What is this black figure in the embalming room?




 My attention is drawn to strange sounds in the darkness. Note the K2 meter is lit up.


Listen -

The loud banging sound I recorded on the floor beneath us.