The Columns


            The Pike County Historical Society in Milford, Pennsylvania operates a museum in a beautiful, white mansion called The Columns, and their Civil War collection contains a unique piece of history—an American flag stained with the blood of Abraham Lincoln. It is arguably one of the most historically important flags in American history, and the sight of the large blood stains can’t help but send chills up your spine.

            But that’s not that only source of spine-chilling sensations at The Columns, as it also appears to be haunted. While no one claims to have seen Lincoln’s spirit, the residual energy from the assassination flag could be adding to the intense paranormal mix from all the other items in the house. There’s much more than meets the eye here, and it all led to one very remarkable ghost investigation…

Later on during the investigation:


… I was standing in front of an old-style bathroom, photographing a hair curling machine that looked to be a cross between the Medusa and a torture device. Mike was about twenty feet to my left in the hallway. I had just said something to him about the bizarre hair machine, when something touched my own hair.

            I was wearing one of my Ghost Investigator baseball caps and it felt like a finger went into opening in the back and the under the hat. It moved back and forth once or twice, kind of playfully, and I froze like a statue…




This is Juliet, is she the ghost of The Columns?