The Restless Spirits of Oak Hill Cemetery

Oak Hill Cemetery, Nyack, NY

After having crossed about half the distance of the lawn, Luke saw a young woman walking on the road in the cemetery that led down the hill in an easterly direction. There was absolutely nothing unusual about her. She looked to be in her 20s, and she was wearing jeans, a jacket that went below her waist, and had glasses and long brown hair that moved in the breeze. Luke expected that when she reached the intersection by the house that she would turn right toward the exit. Instead, she turned left and headed straight toward him.

By this point, Luke had crossed the lawn and was on the paved road perhaps fifty or sixty feet from the young woman. Both Molly and Daisy (his dogs) obviously saw her too, as they looked straight at her with their tails wagging. Luke stayed on the left-hand side of the road, in case the woman might feel intimidated by two very large dogs, as friendly as they were. He was waiting for the woman to make eye contact with him or at least look at the dogs before he would speak up to reassure her that there wasn’t anything to the afraid of.

They drew ever closer, the woman heading north on the road and Luke and the dogs heading south, now only a few yards apart, yet the woman continued to stare intently straight ahead. She never averted her gaze for an instant and made no indication that she even saw Luke and the tail-wagging dogs. Few people can pass such large and friendly animals and not even glance at them, especially when they were about to pass less than ten feet apart. Luke waivered back and forth between speaking up and keeping his silence, sure that at any moment she would look over and he could at least say hello.

But the young woman continued her fixed stare and walked right by him and the dogs. Luke’s initial reaction at this extreme cold shoulder treatment was, "I can’t believe she dissed me like that!" He immediately became determined to speak her, and taking no more than two steps since she had passed, turned around. The woman was nowhere in sight...

The caretaker for Oak Hill Cemetery points to where he passed by the mysterious woman who vanished.