No More Room at the Inn

Orange Inn, Goshen, NY (Built on the foundation of an old prison.)

...There was one spot in the old prison section that seemed colder and had high EMF readings. I asked the owner, Mimi, if there was any significance to that spot and she said that one psychic sensed the spirit of a man who was imprisoned there. I asked Bob to take a few more photos as Mimi, Linda P. and I headed back through the passageway. Linda P. was behind me, and halfway through I heard a loud “bang” against one of the pipes just inches from my head. I thought Linda P. had slipped and struck her head against one of the heavy pipes, so I spun around to see if she was okay. She was fine, and she hadn’t slipped or even touched the pipes.

“Then what was that banging noise?” I asked, a second before a second banging sound rang along the pipes, then a third and fourth…

There we were in a dark, dirty, spider web-infested dungeon tunnel and something was slamming against those old pipes as if they were being smashed with a heavy wrench.

“Mimi, do these pipes ever make this noise?” I asked, suddenly feeling a bit trapped.

“No, I never heard them do that!” she responded with some concern. “I sure hope we aren’t getting them mad at us!”

We hurried out of the tunnel and back into the renovated section of the basement where we could at least stand up straight. I was about to take a deep breath in relief, but the air stopped in my throat as I stood up and looked right into a white, misty cloud about ten feet in front of me. It was several feet wide and stretched from the ceiling to about a foot above the floor...


After the investigation inside, I decided to take a few pictures of the front of the inn. When the photos were developed, I found this strange misty shape, which many people think looks like the head and chest of a person. What do you think?