While it has been a long four years since HVZA 2, in the world of the Hudson Valley Zombie Apocalypse it has only been several weeks since Becks was rescued from her ordeal in the suburbs of New Jersey. Cam has helped her cope with the severe mental and emotional trauma, but immersing herself back in her work in the lab was the best medicine. But just as she was readjusting, a new threat—of enormous proportions—emerges and just might signal the end of life in the Hudson Valley.

Becks must confront an old enemy in order to help find a way to combat this threat, and she, Cam, and their team will have to travel from New York City to Albany—both thick with zombies—in order to get what they need. Along the way there is a terrible loss, but there is no time to grieve as everybody’s lives hang in the balance.

HVZA 3 hits the ground running from page one, and the action doesn’t stop, so be prepared for a wild ride...

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