Fort Montgomery Battlefield

The battle of Fort Montgomery on October 6, 1777, saw an overwhelming British force defeat the Americans in some of the most brutal hand-to-hand fighting of the Revolutionary War. While the outcome is well known, there are still some intriguing mysteries surrounding the battle, such as where are all the bodies buried? Mystery also surrounds the new Visitor’s Center, as there have been sightings of shadowy figures, footsteps have been heard, and strange feelings suddenly sweep over you.

I conducted several investigations of the center and the battlefield, with psychic Lisa Ann produced some remarkable results. Is "Fred" still residing in the basement of the Visitor’s Center, carefully preparing bodies for burial? Is an American officer still walking the battlefield, relieving those anxious final hours before he lost his life?

This is one story you can’t miss, and one battlefield worth a visit, if you have the courage to encounter spirits who want their stories told…


Fort Montgomery was ideally situated at a narrow bend in the Hudson River, about 20 miles north of New York City. In addition to the American artillery, a chain stretched across the river here to prevent the British from sailing any farther north. Are bodies of fallen British soldiers buried in the ground in front of this cannon?


This is the foundation of one of the barracks. Lisa Ann sensed the strong presence of an American officer in these ruins.