Body in the Basement

Our next objective was the new section of basement, which was separate from the original basement. I was most curious about what Cyra might find in the two basements, but I have to admit I didn’t know what to expect. Would she confirm what Justin and the other psychic had claimed, that somewhere beneath our feet lay the bones of a boy who died in an accident that was ruled a suicide? Or would she find nothing, or sense someone or something completely different? It was the ultimate test, a chance to validate a case unlike any other I had encountered before.

As we descended the stairs, I recalled earlier that I had said to Bob and Mike on the drive over, "I don’t know what Cyra will find, but if she says there’s a boy buried under the house I’ll grab a shovel and start digging."

I guess I should have brought a shovel.

The new basement is neat and clean and not the least bit spooky—at least visually. To someone as sensitive as Cyra Greene, outward appearances have little to do with the energetic reality of a place. After just a few moments in the basement, Cyra began moving both hands back and forth over her heart, and spoke the following words:

"Heart. Palpitating. Oh my God, something happened here. Something really happened here. It’s like a strong vibration."

Cyra walked to her right a few steps, but came right back to the spot where she felt the most intense energy. Then she spoke one of the most remarkable sentences I’ve heard in my entire ghost hunting career.

"I wonder if anyone is buried right here. Right here."

So there it was. No prior knowledge, no lucky guess, no coincidence. Before my very eyes, this woman almost immediately felt the spirit from a body whose remains were beneath our feet. I glanced over to Mike and we needed no words to express our astonishment. But it got even better…