The Streak

I had a "shocking" experience in one of the oldest farm houses in southern New York.


Excerpt from Ghost Investigator-Volume 2: From Gettysburg, PA to Lizzie Borden, AX

I scanned the room with the EMF meter and found nothing until I approached the couch. The readings grew steadily higher the closer I got to the couch. Curious to see how far the electromagnetic field extended, I leaned forward and stretched out my arm. Instantly, an electric jolt shot through my hand and up to my shoulder. It was so strong I staggered back several steps and almost dropped the meter. I told Bob to quickly take a picture with the digital camera and within seconds of the jolt he captured an image of a long, serpentine white light over the couch. It was about four or five feet long and stretched from the window to the center of the couch.

Bob immediately took several more photos, and while the streak was gone, there was a pale, round light spot on the wall near where the left end of the streak had appeared. The next few images showed nothing unusual, but a few minutes later he took another picture and on the wall above the couch there was a faint round area, and next to it a small patch a few inches long that appeared red and blue. No other photos showed anything strange.

It didn’t take long for me to get over the initial shock (although the tingling continued for several minutes), and I once again dared to hold out my arm, but now the meter read zero. I moved around the room and back to the couch area several times, but there were no further positive readings. Whatever it was had gone.

The streak of light that appeared over the couch just seconds after I received the electric shock.There is also a bright orb by the piano.